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All of our brand partnerships infuse The Tab's editorial ethos - to tell stories that students care about.Our in-house teams expertly craft content that students love to read, watch & share, while ensuring that they also deliver on your campaign objectives.

Branded Stories

Branded Stories sit at the heart of every Brand Partnership. The Tab’s in-house creative team work with brands & agencies to communicate a brand’s messaging & aspirations through original stories that inspire students to share & interact. The success of this format can be measured against guaranteed view & engagement targets.

Custom Branded Stories

Our premium Custom Branded Story product can be created using shorthand or from scratch by our in-house design, creative & development teams. This aesthetic-first format encompasses the use of both high-impact video & full screen parallax imagery across both mobile & desktop to make for truly engaging content.

Branded Social POSTs

Branded Social Posts are created by our in-house creative team & can be posted across our social channels, at either national level, local level or both. Each post is backed with paid promotion to ensure it reaches the maximum percentage of your target audience.


Branded Social Videos are posted across all of The Tab’s Facebook pages & Twitter accounts, instantly reaching Millions of students across the United Kingdom. Brands can also target audiences at specific universities or regions by posting on local Facebook pages, such as The Tab Leeds or The Tab Manchester.

The Tab’s in-house social team will use social insight to pick the best time to post & use paid promotion to reach an even wider percentage of your audience..


We can design & code a full branded microsite that sits on, this can be used to publish large quantities of content that feature various campaign stories relevant to both your brand & our engaged audience. We can also create the content that is housed across your microsite if required, ensuring a rich user experience and maximum dwell time.


Custom Branded Quizzes are purpose built to tap into one important insight - students are ALWAYS on the lookout for engaging new ways to experience content online.

Whether the theme is general knowledge, product specific or just a way to find your next Netflix & Chill series, our quiz format is there during those moments of online procrastination for students, ultimately delivering a high level of engagement via a sharable & interactive format.


Brands can reach audiences using our suite of mobile, desktop, video & native advertising units. Our online inventory can be accessed programmatically via a number of DSP’s. Our teams can also help non-programmatic buyers to create, manage & deliver display campaigns through:

Private Marketplaces: Via The Tab's Private Marketplace, our teams can help improve user targeting & increase engagement amongst your audience.

Advanced Data Targeting: Every article on The Tab has been tagged (by category & region) to help our Optimisation Managers to improve campaign targeting.  

Audience Extension: The Tab's audience extension product leverages first-party user data to help brands target student audiences outside of our website.