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Apple Music


Revealing the best nights out at uni, with Apple Music



To raise awareness of Apple Music and encourage students to sign up to their free three month trial  


Music is a fundamental part of student life, and has a big say on where students go for their nights out. Freshers term is the time for exploration, and once the initial buzz of the first week has died down, students tour their own city (be that new or returning) to dig out the best events that fits theirs, and their friends, music tastes. 


So, we wanted to help students find the best hotspots that fit their passion for music, be that the R&B night down at the waterfront every Wednesday, or the underground club serving up the local house residents once a month.

We created a bespoke music calculator telling students the best spots they should go to, based on the music genres and artists they love the most. Localised at 29 different unis across the UK, we sourced 1000's of data points providing information on hundreds of local nights, and the music and artists most played on specific nights.

Our design team then created a Custom Branded Site showcasing all this in a really intuitive way, featuring Apple Music branding, advertising and interactivity throughout:


  • The site was viewed over 115,000 times by our audience in total, smashing KPIs

  • In turn there were over 1,100 social engagements (likes/shares/comments), delivering an overall engagement rate just shy of 10%

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