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UNIQLO: Profiling the hardest working students

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Profiling the hardest workers with UNIQLO


UNIQLO were looking for hard working graduates to apply for their challenging grad scheme


Recruitment drives like these often exclude students that don’t fit into the “traditional” mould of what hard-work looks like. For students, hard work means so much more than knuckling down in the library, or listening in lectures. 

Students are inspired by the stories of those that go above and beyond in their lives, - put simply, hard work inspires hard work. That said, when profiling a selection/identity of students on a national scale, you have to ensure that they’re relatable and broadly interesting - both sport and music/the club scene encapsulate this.


So, leveraging this insight, we shone a light on the students that are working when others are sleeping - focussing on student club night promoters and the Loughborough swim team 

Firstly, collated in a Custom Branded Story format, we profiled the 'unsung heroes of uni' - the club promoters - that have to pitch, budget, negotiate, organise, book and hire, all while holding down a degree. 

Click to visit our story on the hardest working student club promoters in the UK

Click to visit our story on the hardest working student club promoters in the UK

Alongside this we produced a Branded Social Video, meeting the Loughborough swim team going for gold at the next Olympics. With a 5 A.M meet time and a rigorous training, it's no surprise they're widely recognised as the best in country. We went poolside and got great insight on what it takes to be a champion swimmer


  • The student clubbers story had over 30,000 views, 600 social engagements and over 1,150 clicks to the UNIQLO graduate site (3% CTR), proving that you can gain traction by connecting a role to a student passion point

  • The swimmers video was viewed over 130,000 times, had 700+ engagements and drove 500 clicks to the UNIQLO site

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