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The Tab Future 100: Finding the young women at uni set to break the glass ceiling, with Barclays



To position Barclays as an employer that promotes diversity, specifically for their early careers opportunities (internships and graduates).


Gender equality is a huge topic at university, and The Tab prides itself on being at the forefront of the conversation through the promotion of equal rights for young women. Equally, there is much more to students lives, and their achievements, beyond the course they study; be that campaigning, charity or entrepreneurship to name a few. Students are extremely proud of who they are individually, and as a community. 


So, we created a platform to give high achieving, aspirational, young woman at university a stronger voice, and improved opportunities. This is The Tab Future 100, in association with Barclays.

Split into three distinct phases. Firstly, we created a huge, nationwide, voting system to identify the future 100 female leaders. These women will be then be celebrated in a digital, interactive league table, profiling each entrant. Lastly, we are creating a mentoring event at Barclays HQ to celebrate the women.

Voting: We extensively scoured 25 universities in the UK to understand which young women deserve to be recognised for their work outside of their degree, speaking to student bodies, communities and friendship groups. The top 200 women were then split out by their universities and profiled in local voting stories on our site, where we encouraged students to get behind their favourites -  with the most voted getting into the top 100 list. Voting now closed.

We created 25 local voting systems, one for each uni we profiled

We created 25 local voting systems, one for each uni we profiled

The Future 100 Table: We then produced an interactive list of the top 100 finalists, detailing the full list of nominees and overall winners. Each of the young women were individually profiled with a picture and bio. Users are able to split by year and by university to see the ranking system in more detail. 

The Future 100 League Table

The Future 100 League Table

Branding: Barclays branding is integrated throughout both phases, through sponsorship and CTAs. Equally, we created a form allowing students to pre register for info on Barclays early career opportunities.

F100 Event: Finally, we collaborated with Barclays to create a special event for the top 30 finalists in early May down at their London HQ. Guests from Barclays, women's initiative Everywoman and The Tab presented, offering insight and expertise into graduate career paths, and empowering women in work. All top 30 young women were in attendance and the event was a great success. 


The results have been phenomenal, making it our most successful commercial partnership ever:

  • Over 500,000 visits to the local voting stories across the universities (vs a 65.k UU’s benchmark)

  • Over 30,000 social engagements (likes, shares, comments) on Facebook as students campaigned for votes
  • 100,000 votes cast for final F100 table

  • Over 200,000 views on the final F100 table
  • 2,600 students drove through to sign up for pre reg with Barclays

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