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Rolls Royce: Supporting the 15%

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Supporting the 15% with Rolls Royce 


Raise awareness of Rolls Royce graduate opportunities, attracting female students with a particular focus on engineering


Only 15 per cent of engineering undergrads in the UK are female. Typically seen as a man’s industry, young women suffer from a lack of empowerment and positive role models, as well as traditional negative stereotypes: ‘Don’t get dirty, don’t be bossy, don’t behave too masculine, just don’t study it’. There’s a lack of confidence in young women entering the industry, and misconceptions around what its like to work in engineering


So, with this insight to hand, we created both a Custom Branded Story and a Social Branded Video that tackled the reality of being a woman in the man's world of engineering. Interviewing three female students currently studying the course, we asked them about the myths and misogyny surrounding the industry, why they decided to take the course, and how they're planning for their future. 

Click here to see our story on life as a young woman in engineering 

Click here to see our story on life as a young woman in engineering 

It takes a brave brand to support such a topic, but it tapped into a really relatable insight shared among the community of female students. 


  • There were over 25,000 views of the story, with 850+ social engagements (likes, shares, comments) proving that it struck a chord with the target audience

  • The video was a huge success with over 250,000 views and 900+ social engagements

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