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Uniqlo are looking for hard working, passionate students to apply for their (notoriously difficult) graduate scheme. 


The retail sector is a notoriously difficult sector for graduates to enter, and it takes a particularly driven individual with leadership characteristics and a passion for business to breakthrough.

Students are inspired by the stories of those that go above and beyond in their lives - put simply, hard work inspires hard work. That said, when profiling a selection/identity of students on a national scale, you have to ensure that they’re relatable and broadly interesting - both sport and music encapsulate this.


We produced two Social Branded Videos focusing on those students that go above and beyond in the pursuit of their goals - one centred around the hardest degrees in the country, and the other followed the lives of a student boxer, and a DJ.

Firstly we interviewed the students currently studying the toughest degrees in the country, as they offered their advice on how to stay motivated and dedicated through the tough times:


Secondly we created a video focussed on two students - a DJ and a boxer - whose work ethic doesn't fit into the “traditional” mould of what hard-work looks like. We followed them for 24 hours in each of their inter-twining lives: 


We also featured a graduate profile detailing how you could be ‘running your own store by 22 years old on the Uniqlo grad scheme’, created a shortlist of the most inspiring leaders currently at uni across 7 chosen cities in the UK, a feature on the student CEO’s running their own business, and a Facebook Live stream with the Head of HR from Uniqlo offering advice on future success



  • The branded videos smashed KPIs, with over 230,000 views on Facebook in total

  • The videos also drove over 2,300 students through to the UNIQLO grad site

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