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EY: The female creatives redefining campus attitudes

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Meeting the female creatives redefining attitudes on campus with EY



Raise awareness of the EY grad scheme, with a particular focus on non-Russell group uni’s and women


Non-Russell group unis are difficult to categorise as a collective, as some are more proud than others of the distinction. So, it's valuable to focus on the impressive qualities that many of them share: that a portion (more so than at Russell unis) are 1st gen students, which have come from a working class background

Equally, polys are recognised for being a hot bed for creative talent and development, with more courses to designed to support the creative industry vs the Russell group


We wanted to shine a light on the characteristics of inspiring young women at non-Russell Group unis, focusing on their amazing achievements (both inside and outside of coursework) and how they're inspiring positive change on campus

We met Rebekah, a photographer at Manchester School of Art, who works to highlight the struggles still faced by people of colour, Yasmin, who co-hosts a radio show at UWE discussing topics such as race and masculinity, Shahnoor at Aberdeen who promotes 'activism through the arts', and Hannah & Rachel, editors of a student-run arts publication in Bournemouth

We turned their stories into both written and video pieces, distributing them to our entire audience via The Tab's digital and social platforms


  • 26,439 page views of the story, with over 300 clicks to the EY site and 2,105 social engagements proving that it was really well received by the target audience
  • Over 150,000 video views, 960 social engagements and 225 clicks to EY

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