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Lynx: Redefining male stereotypes

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Redefining male stereotypes with Lynx


To support Lynx’s new marketing campaign ‘Men in progress’, and position Lynx as a more emotional, genuine brand amongst the student community.


Male mental health is a topic that is an everyday issue for students, though one that is rarely addressed publicly. There are lots of stereotypes around masculinity, and ill-informed judgements, but what does it actually look like?


So what does it actually mean to be masculine? We interviewed students across the country to get an educated and authentic view of how young men are changing, and shed light on the misconceptions surrounding them. We profiled a male nurse, a transgender photographer, a DJ, a rugby player, and a British muslim, and they spoke candidly to us about their definition of body image, and opinions of how this is changing for young men

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Click to check out the campaign


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