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STA Travel: The real guide to Australia


Everything you actually have to do in Australia with STA Travel



Drive awareness of STA Travel and encourage applications for an Australian working Visa


Visiting Australia - instead of Koh Tao or Phuket - is the new gap year, and there's an ever increasing pool of students that want to explore the world before entering into a graduate career.  

Whether it's working there or simply exploring, Australia is a destination that they dream of going to however the traditional Oz guides on where and why to go don't meet the needs of students. They would rather hear from their peers that have been there and done it than travel companies, experts or bloggers.


We reached out to grads that recently got back from living and working down under, and asked them about everything students actually have to do in Australia. 


We created four Social Branded Videos revealing the best things to see and do on a tight budget in Oz. The videos, covering the topics of 'the most unforgettable places', 'cheap things to do', 'what to do with only one day there' and 'how to spend your last $10', probed our grads against a dreary London backdrop.

This was supported with a bespoke Custom Branded Story, taking a deeper dive into the country and specifically the areas the tick off the bucket list. 


  • In total, the videos were viewed over 235,000 times, and received over 2,000 likes, shares and comments on Facebook

  • The Story was read more than 50,000 times by avid student travellers, with over 800 of them visiting the STA site to find out more about the Australian working Visa

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