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Sacla: Perfecting Valentine's Day

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Nailing the perfect Valentine's Day with Sacla


Raise the awareness of Sacla among students.


Pesto is an essential ingredient for students, and as such, a regular feature in 'student foodies' instagram posts. Social media has led cooking to becoming more popular than ever among young people, with students increasingly turning to their peers, instead of celebrity chefs for advice on food.


So we leveraged both the authority of influencers, alongside Valentines Day - an occasion where students typically spend way beyond their means - to create a useful, inspiring and relatable story that positioned pesto as the perfect fix for the 14th of February.

We got a student chef and influencer, Emily Solmon, to knock up a banging three course V day meal for just under £20, detailing the process and to take some insta-worthy pics. Throughout the copy we included specific references to pesto and CTAs linking to the Sacla site.

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  • In total there were over 17,000 views of the story, with 340 clicks to the Sacla site and over 500 engagements across social media (likes, shares, comments)

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