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EY: Discovering budding Entrepreneurs

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Discovering budding Entrepreneurs with EY



To position EY as an innovative brand, and one which encourages an entrepreneurial mindset for its graduate intake


The likes of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Google masterminds Larry Page and Sergey Brin are all famous entrepreneurs (and not to mention billionaires), but also have one other thing in common: they all started their businesses at uni. For students, hard work means so much more than knuckling down in the library, or listening in lectures, and there is a thriving community of young entrepreneurs doing great things on campus.


So, we wanted to shine a light on the budding entrepreneurs that are currently holding down a degree and developing a business empire at the same time.

Reaching out to our extensive network, we found 30 of the best fledgling student-led businesses and profiled each of them in a Custom Build Site for EY. Then we gave our audience the opportunity to vote for who they felt had the best business - encouraging the shortlisted individuals to drum up votes through their networks.

Once voting closed, we invited the final ten down to EY HQ to pitch their business to a select group of panelists from EY - with the opportunity of winning crucial investment and advice to support their company’s growth. UniDosh, run by young entrepreneurs Oli and Josh, walked away with the coveted prize, and we caught up with them to ask them how it felt

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  • The Founders 30 story received over 87,000 views

  • Over 1,800 social media engagements and 1,641 clicks to the EY website

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