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NHS: Promoting regional schemes


The NHS need to encourage more people to want to join their grad scheme that are based outside of London, therefore highlight why you don’t need to be in the city to be successful


Cities outside of London are becoming more popular graduate destinations as students become increasingly disenchanted with London, we wanted to tap into this growing trend


‘The best places to live after uni that aren’t in London’. Featuring five cities that the NHS grad schemes are based in - Ipswich, Norwich, Bristol, Bath and Salford - we created branded guides to these cities for those students considering where to base themselves after uni. Each city featured the best places to eat, drink and top things to do to show that they are exciting, vibrant alternatives to London. The guide also included a table comparing the price of essentials such as rent, travel and beer in each city to show how much more affordable life there is compared to London

The story was distributed nationally across our 48 university Facebook pages to educate, and hopefully inspire, our student readership

Visit the campaign by clicking the image

Visit the campaign by clicking the image


  • Over 40,000 page views across the five key cities
  • Driving over 700 students through to the NHS Grad Scheme site

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