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Natwest: Definitive freshers guides


Definitive freshers' guides with Natwest



Drive awareness and consideration of Natwest and RBS amongst freshers going into their first term


Freshers have no idea how to budget. When freshers first arrive at uni they haven’t had the responsibility of handling their own finances, alongside having a poor understanding of how much they’re set to spend. At this stage of their life they reach out for advice from trusted peers


With this insight, we identified that there aren’t a lot of services available to help students through this unknown time. So, to provide aid for them in two ways, we created two branded stories for them; , The Alternative Freshers Guide and the Uni Budget Calculator

Our Alternative Freshers Guide tapped into the key insight that traditional freshers guides are boring, outdated and generally irrelevant - so we provided a guide populated by local editors and students, offering genuine, authentic advice on everything local students needed to know about their new life


Meanwhile The Uni Budget Calculator helped freshers to predict their spending habits during the first term through a useful, intuitive online localised tool.

Uni Budget Calculator: Click to visit the campaign

Uni Budget Calculator: Click to visit the campaign



  • The Alternative Freshers' Guides were viewed over 120,000 times in the run up to the new university year

  • The Uni Budget calculator was used over 40,000 times by freshers, collecting over 50,000 data entry for Natwest

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